Maintaining a healthy weight is widely recognized as important for overall wellness. A balanced weight contributes to various aspect of health, including supporting normal blood sugar levels, cardiovascular function, healthy blood pressure, joint comfort, and cellular health. Emphasizing a holistic approach to weight management can be beneficial for general well-being (Majeed et al., 2009).

A balanced diet and active lifestyle are key factors in supporting a healthy body weight. Managing body weight effectively often involves a sustained commitment to good nutrition and regular physical activity. While strict dieting and intense exercise may not always yield desired results, incorporating smart nutritional choices along with natural supplements aimed at supporting weight management can complement these efforts. Together with an appropriate exercise regimen, this holistic approach can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight and overall wellness(Majeed et al., 2009).

Excess carbohydrates in the diet are ultimately converted to fats and stored in the body. In both plants and animals, starch is broken down by amylases and maltase to yield glucose. The enzymes that catalyze the conversion of starch (a polysaccharide) into sugar molecules (monosaccharides) are called amylases. Surprisingly, plants usually contain amylase inhibitory compounds in the same organs (seeds and tubers) where the starch is stored, to ward off bacterial, fungal and animal predators. No parallels exist in mammalian systems.

Scientific interest has grown in the study of natural compounds found in plants, such as amylase inhibitors, for their role in carbohydrate metabolism. These plant-based compounds interact with the digestive process by modulating the breakdown of starches. This interaction can support the body’s natural metabolism of carbohydrates as part of balanced diet. While certain pharmaceutical agents like Acarbose are used in specific medical conditions to influence carbohydrate digestion, natural amylase inhibitors from plants offer a different approach, focusing on supporting the body’s natural processes in carbohydrate metabolism and contributing to a balanced nutritional strategy.

Fabenol® is a natural extract obtained from Phaseolus vulgaris (common bean, kidney bean) known for its alpha-amylase inhibitory properties. This extract interacts with dietary starches as part of normal digestive process. By incorporating Fabenol® as part of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, it may support the body in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range and contribute to overall body composition management.

Fabenol® is offered in two strengths

  • Fabenol®: Standardized to alpha-amylase inhibitory activity 8,000 units/g
  • Fabenol® Max: Standardized to alpha-amylase inhibitory activity 20,000 units/g